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Introducing Mortech Training Tips: Your Mortgage Lending Resource

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Oct 22, 2013 2:25:00 PM

Mortech Training TipsWhile visiting a friend in Chicago a few years back, I made the mistake of asking for directions to Wrigley Field. Cubs weren’t in town and I’m not a fan of the cursed north siders but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the storied ballpark. The response surprised me and got me thinking – something I don’t enjoy doing while on vacation. The sharer of directions proceeded to tell me five different ways to get to the ivy walls. Five! Mid-way through the fifth option I had enough.


After trying to interject multiple times, I was able to break through and make a simple point.  I simply wanted to go from Point A to Point B in the easiest way possible - the path of least resistance, if you will.


This experience prompted further reflection into a topic that hits home every day. Do our customers feel the same way about their software vendors?  How often do we sit back and wait, sometimes beg, for our customers to ask us the best way for success? Are we too sensitive to share the best laid plan or do we offer up algorithm-like, algebraic antidotes to cater to specific wishes? There has to be a way for software to give customers what they what, how they want it, and when they want it while at the same time keeping the road to success simple.


It’s a good thing for all you readers there is a cool, tech savvy company that is filled with fantastic employees and includes a training squad that offers what you should do.  Like a Dear Abby column for best practices in the mortgage industry! Mortech’s flagship product, Marksman, was designed specifically to make mortgage banking easier. Over the next few months the trainers at Mortech will be blogging about best practices within the industry and how they directly translate to Marksman and Mortech’s suite of products. You’ll laugh, cry, look on in bewilderment but most importantly you’ll learn something. Be on the lookout for our next post where we will cover our latest, and some say greatest, enhancement: the Dynamic Pipeline.


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