Mortgage Lead Management


What good are mortgage rates if you don’t have good conversion rates?


Make every prospect count by managing every lead from every referral source. While other lead management systems are stand-alone solutions, Mortech offers the only mortgage lead management system in the industry directly synced to a pricing engine – which lets you integrate your pricing and lead management strategies closer than ever before.

  • Outline your origination team’s daily workflow.lead_managmenet
  • Analyze your team’s performance and ensure efficiency.
  • Send real-time rates to prospects based on a rate threshold or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Custom, automated email marketing campaigns.Distribute leads to loan officers based on loan criteria, time of day, branch, lead source, and more.

Together with Mortech’s mortgage dialer functionality, you can instantly connect your team with qualified leads at the click of a button. The dialer requires no additional hardware or software and is mobile capable – simply register your number and go.

  • Full integration into Marksman. One central hub for lead management, email marketing, loan pricing, and more.
  • Instant notification of new leads.
  • View lead data during calls.
  • Stronger borrower experience – no waiting to be connected to a loan officer.
  • Administrative reporting on call performance.

Simplify lead nurturing and convert your online leads to qualified leads with Mortech’s dynamic pipeline, with dynamic pipeline you can:

  • Get Prospect Details
  • Get Prospect Rates
  • Log Actions
  • Set Reminders
  • Measure Performance

Prioritize your leads based on lead source, status, and loan characteristics. Get connected to your new leads faster and stay on top of your existing leads. Advanced administrative reporting allows for comparing loan officer and lead source performance.


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